Round table - Chemical Ecology in Insect parasitoids

Round table - Chemical Ecology in Insect parasitoids

Round table ‘Chemical Ecology in Insect parasitoids’
February, 17 2023
CREA Centro di Ricerca per la Difesa e la Certificazione
Via Lanciola 12/a, Cascine del Riccio (Firenze)
14:30 - Opening by the President Francesco Pennacchio

14:40 - Introduction by Stefano Colazza and Eric Conti.

14:50 - Eric Conti (University of Perugia, Italy): Chemical Ecology of egg parasitoids: what's known and what's next?

15:10 - Nina Fatouros (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands): Natural selection on butterfly sex scents by egg parasitoids and implications for biological control.
15:40 - Antonino Cusumano (University of Palermo, Italy): Exploiting chemical ecology to manage hyperparasitoids in biological control of arthropod pests.

16:00 - 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 - Emilio Guerrieri (CNR – IPSP, Italy): Root elicitors altering the behaviour of foraging parasitoids
16:35 - Joachim Ruther (University of Regensburg, Germany): Pheromones in the Nasonia group: behavior and biochemistry.

17:05 - Gianfranco Anfora (University of Trento, Italy): Studies of chemical ecology of plant-pest-parasitoid interactions to support biological control projects.

17:25 - Ernesto Mollo (CNR – IBC, Italy): Taste and smell: a unifying chemosensory theory.

17:45 - Discussion and Conclusions
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