EVOLUZIONE 2017 - 7 ° Congresso della Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica

EVOLUZIONE 2017 - 7 ° Congresso della Società Italiana di Biologia Evoluzionistica

Rome 28-31 august 2017 

Dear All,
It’s now time to gently, yet firmly remind you that the deadline for abstracts’ submission is getting close (APRIL 1ST 2017).
Please check important dates at web page.


We are glad to inform you that the list of invited speakers for each symposium has been completed:

Advanced models and technologies for the study of Evolution
Chair: Marco Passamonti
Invited speaker: James Mcinerney – University of Manchester

Biogeography and systematics
Chair: Omar Rota Stabelli
Co-chair: Giuliana Allegrucci
Invited speaker: Nicola Segata – University of Trento

Chair: Alessandro Minelli
Co-chair: Giuseppe Fusco
Invited speaker: Paolo Sordino – Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli

Evolution and conservation
Chair: Paolo Ciucci
Co-chair: Gabriele Gentile
Invited speaker: David R. Vieites – Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN), Madrid

Coevolution and symbiosis
Chair: Maurizio Casiraghi
Invited speaker: Francis Jiggins – University of Cambridge
Evolutionary and behavioral ecology
Chair: Andrea Pilastro
Co-chair: Lisa Locatello
Invited speaker: Tommaso Pizzari – University of Oxford

The effects of drift and selection on populations and genomes: expectations and observations
Chair: Giorgio Bertorelle
Co-chair: Silvia Ghirotto
Invited speaker: Laurent Excoffier – University of Bern

Further details may be found in http://sibe2017.uniroma2.it/symposia/.


The SIBE established the “Doctor Darwin” Prize with the aim to stimulate interest and research relating to the

Evolutionary Medicine. The prize consists in the amount of € 1,000 granted to young researchers (up to 35 years old) members of the SIBE. Rules and procedures can be downloaded from Congress’ website.


The Organising Committee will provide 5 (five) free registrations for recent graduates of master’s degree, upon selection.
Applicants will be selected based on their master’s thesis, which must be focused on evolutionary biology. Theses must be submitted by July 15th 2017 as pdf file to the following address: info@sibe2017.uniroma2.it

Not-selected applicants who have submitted their theses will anyway be granted with the “student early-bird” registration fee.


The Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology (SIBE-ISEB) is offering a crash course in Molecular Phylogenetics to be held in Rome August 28th 2017.
The course is aimed at students and young researchers interested in taking their first steps into the fabulous world of Phylogenetics, or to those who want to refresh it. The course is free, but only for members of the SIBE who will attend the Evoluzione 2017 SIBE’s congress in Rome. Registration is on a first come first served basis; participants should send a short motivation letter, and proof of registration to the meeting to omar.rota@fmach.it before August 1; acceptance will be notified shortly after.
The course consists of 4 sessions of an hour each. Lectures (40 minutes) will cover the basic principles of molecular phylogeny and will be followed by a short tutorial (20 minutes) where the students will analyse a data set provided by teachers (or a small one brought by them). Participants need to bring their own laptop with 3 programs previously installed: MEGA7 http://www.megasoftware.net/, the BEASTv1.8 package http://beast.bio.ed.ac.uk/downloads and TRACER http: // beast. bio.ed.ac.uk/tracer. Teachers are Omar Rota-Stabelli (Mach Foundation, Trento) and Andrea Luchetti (Bologna University).

The course is in English.

Please, we strongly recommend you to frequently visit our website. New information will be regularly uploaded. Fields with new info available will be marked by the flag: NEW.

We look forward to seeing you in Rome this coming August.

The Organising Committee