Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize

Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize

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The Francesca Gherardi Memorial Prize of 5,000 Euro is an annual award, given by the Department of Biology, University of Florence, Italy, to a young researcher who demonstrates outstanding ability in the fields of Crustacean Behaviour and/or Invasion Biology.

The late Professor Francesca Gherardi passed away prematurely on February 14th 2013. Professor Gherardi was an outstanding, internationally-recognised researcher of crustacean behaviour and biology of invasive alien species. She taught zoology and conservation of natural resources at the University of Florence, and was about to be promoted to Full Professorship, which, alas, arrived too late. Her family and colleagues hope that younger researchers would benefit from her legacy.

The prize money is donated by the Gherardi family in memory of their beloved relative. The prize commemorates Prof. Dr. Francesca Gherardi, and is in recognition of the fine example that she set for young scientists.


2022 Prize

The 2022 prize of 5000.00 € will be awarded for research in "Behaviour and Invasion biology of Crustaceans".

Applications are open to researchers under 40 years, of all nationalities, lacking permanent academic position.

The closing date for submissions is January 15th, 2022.


Application Guidelines

Submissions in electronic format only are to be sent to


Prof. Felicita Scapini (, and
Dr. Elena Tricarico (
Department of Biology, University of Florence
via Madonna del Piano 6
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze), Italy


The applicant is invited to send his/her CV  [in English]  with the list of publications, copies of three selected articles published in peer-reviewed journals, a letter attesting that he/she holds no regular research or teaching position, and a copy of his/her identity card.


The Award Committee is composed by the zoologists of the Department of Biology, University of Florence, with the support of professors Felicita Scapini, Marco Vannini and Bella Galil.

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